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Why .RACING TLD domain?

Racing is something which strikes at the heart of our competitive nature. Whether a 100 meter sprint, cycling stage, horse race or car racing event, racing can stir up passion in competitors and spectators alike which few other things can match. Without a doubt, the development of the internet and generic TLDs such as this one have allowed us to better be able to share in our passion for all sorts of racing.

What is .RACING TLD domain registry?

As a sport racing it is comprised of more than just teams, organised national and international competitions and individual competitors, but includes amongst other things, manufacturers, sponsors, the media and spectators. The value of the .RACING generic TLD (Top Level Domain) is therefore undeniable and will be the first choice TLD location for people who wish to gain access to racing related information and services.

How to get your .RACING TLD domain?

We envisage that this new .RACING generic TLD (Top Level Domain) will be an innovative and revolutionary enterprise in which the racing community will be able to trust and enjoy. The .RACING generic TLD will be the primary choice generic TLD domain extension for stakeholders who have, or expect to have, online racing-related interactions now and in the future. Click Here!

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