Online Reputation Management And Domain Names

Online Reputation Management And Domain Names
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One thing that is rarely discussed is the importance that a domain can play, when it comes to “ORM”, Online Reputation Management. 

First, let’s start with the basics, what is Online Reputation Management? Reputation management is the implementation influencing, as well as trying to control an individual person’s, or a business’s reputation online.

Starting out as a PR, or public relations term, the meaning has evolved with the advance of the world wide web, and the massive explosion of social media platforms.

Reputation management companies, are now becoming a regular sight online, in our everyday lives. These online agency’s have made it a targeted focus, but not limited to, on the results of search engine search results.

Online reputation management, also shortly abbreviated as ORM, is mainly focused with managing the results on websites that evaluate, and review products and services and make recommendations and referrals.  Also, included in these services are, an ethical grey area, that include mug shot removal sites, astroturfing review sites, censoring negative complaints or using search engine optimization tactics to influence results.

Many people begin searching for, How to remove bad comments“, “How to remove Rip  Off Report“, “How to fix bad yelp reviews” and related searches, without even knowing they are actually in need of what is called Online Reputation Management.

Monitoring your reputation can help protect you and your business from damages caused by people leaving bad links, bad comments, and an over all bad reputation. Reputation monitoring software, can be very beneficial in your overall success, when you need to be able to start on damage control early, and give you a massive head start. There are some good choices available for reputation software, with many choices of reputation services, each offers, and the selection can vary a lot, depending on your exact wants of how you can fix your reputation online, as well as build a shield to protect against any unforeseen future events from past, or disgruntled employees, or unhappy customers, or an ex love, that might feel the need to post something negative about you, or your company online. Some of these postings can be permanent, and may never be able to be removed.

Most businesses, and individuals will not even notice any immediate effects, of bad comments left on review websites. This can be generally contributed to Google’s updating process. Google can take weeks to even index, and show something new in it’s search results. Many owners have said once bad reputation links appeared, they had seen a dramatic drop off in business. 65t


Imagine spending all that time and money on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), just for one bad review on to ruin your hard work. Now your spending time on researching “How to remove bad Yelp Reviews”, “How to fix a Bad Repuation”.

With everything else nowdays, you also have to be on the watch for what is becoming more, and more popular these days with black hat SEO sellers, is “Negative SEO“. These service providers that offer a negative seo service, can, without conscious perform what is known as a “Negative SEO Attack” on your website, and on your reputation. There are many different negative SEO tactics that are available for the right price, and sold on a regular basis.

Social Media has a major impact when it comes to ORM, and plays a big part in reputation management strategy. These social websites, are very strong in the search engine world, and carry a lot of weight, to suppress, and bury negative, and bad content online.

Another big strategy, is online content. Building websites, and blogs, and adding unique content is another strategy used in controlling one’s reputation. While one can certainly, go out and fill up the internet with a ton of content, you have to be careful nowadays. With Googles new updates, simply adding a ton of content will not work as one might think, and can actually hurt your online reputation, and have the negative effect of what you were trying to do in the first place.

While considering all of the Reputation quotes, that are out there, you might consider “how to do online reputation management” yourself.

A domain with your name, can have a huge effect on managing your online reputation. So an example would be,, With the release of all the new gTLD’s, creating your own brand has never been easier.

Registering the domain that is your name, and then developing the domain with a website is key, to any reputation branding plan. makes it easy to start doing reputation management your self with cheap domain names, starting out with a 99 cent domain, and the cheapest web hosting prices online, and an easy one click app installer in Cpanel to get your desired website started is easy.

WordPress is a good choice, when it comes to beginers, it offers an easy interface for customization, and many useful plugins, it is no wonder why it is the most popular web platform on the planet. You can find wordpress themes on many different websites, some offer wordpress themes free. Add this with the fact that there is plenty of help documentation, websites, and videos to help you every step of the way.

Our free social media tools will help you maintain, and control what people see, and hear. In the SMM (Social Media Management / Marketing ) dashboard, you can add all of your social media accounts for free, for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. The social media platform allows for scheduling of all your posts at one time, and can save you hours of work every week.

We have also included powerful tools that are available as well, such as the image editor to add custom images to your posts, hashtag tracking, so you know how many clicks, and what your most popular posts are, and we have included a search system to help automatically find trending content all over the internet.

The social media analytic’s will also show you where your audience is located, and the best days, and times for your postings, so you can schedule your posts to get maximum marketing results for your target marketing on all these social media systems. You can use our free version here


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