Our $3.99 Domain Sale

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Save on some of the hottest new gTLDs that are out. We are offering many new domains at an unbelievable registration price of only $3.99 for the first year.  We won’t spoil the surprise, so head on over to our homepage and check out our deals!

Want a hint? How about the popular .pro, and .poker domains that have been extremely popular, but out of reach of many peoples budget range. That’s right, you can register a .pro domain name for only $3.99, they are now released to the general public. Being held for only professionals since their introduction this is a huge opportunity for people to get a .pro domain name of their choice.

We have 12 domain extensions of only $3.99 to choose from. Hurry, and get your domain name that you want, not the one that’s left! And of course, as always, with Fxnames.com, you get 2 free domain email accounts with every domain that you register, whether it’s a .com, .net, .org, or any of the new extensions, all the way to domain .xyz!

No need to worry about needing a $3.99 Domain coupon code for this huge domain sale, all the domains that are marked down don’t need a code to be able to purchase at this price.

We have already had a lot of people register the sale domains since we first posted the domain sale banner on our homepage, so don’t wait to long on this one.

Our huge sale lasts all day until tonight. No hosting is required, but if you do need unlimited hosting whether is unlimited shared hosting, or only needed for one domain name, we got you covered with rocket fast hosting speeds, that offer a 30 day money back guarantee.




Note: All sale prices for domains are for the first year of domain registration only. The following years will be at the normal domain registration price.

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