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Why .TRADE TLD domain?

Trade is defined as ‘the exchange of goods, services and currencies between two or more parties’, and for most countries worldwide, international trade forms a significant element of their gross domestic product.  In recent decades, retail businesses have witnessed enormous changes in the way their trade is most successfully conducted, largely moving away from a focus on the high street to a boom in online retail, or ‘e-commerce’.

With the launch of the new .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) the trade sector has a defined generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name from which to conduct its business activities, in a trusted, targeted manner which attracts all those with an interest in trading – from international business, financial trading, to individuals looking to secure a bargain.

What is .TRADE TLD domain registry?

‘Globalization’ is one of those buzz words we all hear on a regular basis.  And with good reason: the global exchange of resources has been accelerating for thousands of years, with no signs of abating. International trade has advanced astronomically since the Silk Road network first linked trade routes between Europe and Asia, and is essential in order for globalization to endure.  The role of the Internet in trade developments has been immeasurable.

The great philosopher Albert Camus exclaimed “You have to be very rich or very poor to live without a trade!” and the .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) makes it easy for those wishing to trade whether it be local, international, financial or just for fun to find a trading partner, business or individual, to make a deal in a trusted environment.

How to get your .TRADE TLD domain?

.TRADE is the generic Top Level Domain (TLD) of choice for enterprises and individuals wishing to trade goods, services, currencies and information online.  The value of .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) as a sector-specific generic Top Level Domain (TLD) sets it apart as the center for global online commerce.
As an owner of the .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name, your online brand will be strengthened and your search engine visibility will be enhanced with a consequential increase in traffic to your website fueling your ability to trade and broker deals. The relevant content contained in the dedicated .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) will be attractive to all those with an interest in the online trade sector.
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